Our Moral Compass: Why Life is Beautiful

“Life is beautiful not because of the things we see or do. Life is beautiful because of the people we meet.”

-Simon Sinek

There are many reasons to think of and be grateful for why life is beautiful. In today’s quote author and motivational speaker Simon Sinek points out that it is more than just what we see of do that makes life beautiful. It is really due in part to the people we encounter each and every day. We were never meant to live in isolation like we’ve had to do over this past year due to the pandemic. Now that things are beginning to open up it is time that we do the same and seek out others in order to see and/or remind ourselves the beauty of what life has to offer. Each day is a new day, a day of renewal and opportunity to meet and engage with one another.

Life is truly what we make of it. There is a whole world out there and billions of people in this world we have yet to meet. So let’s make sure to venture out and celebrate the joys of life and all that it has to offer by meeting someone new and strengthening our relationships skills in the process. It’s a beautiful life. So go experience it by branching out and connect with others today.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards developing your relationship skills?

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