Becoming The Change: Give More Hand Ups Than Hand Outs

Give More Hand Ups Than Hand Outs

“There has been many times where I have been the recipient of someone else’s generosity. I never saw it as a hand out, I saw it as a hand UP.”

-Elisha Jarrett

It is all about our perspective. When we see someone helping out someone else in their time of need whether it is providing them shelter or food, it is that human spirit of generosity that we hope to see in everyone. CEO and President of Elite Consulting Firm Elisha Jarrett looks at those moments of generosity as not necessarily being a hand out but rather a hand up. I love looking at it from her line of thinking. When somebody falls down, what do we do? We lend a hand to help them back up. That is how I see it being more of a hand up when we look to help others than a hand out. We are people who should be lifting others up and bringing back hope into someone else’s lives. This is done through our actions and words. We each have that within us. Look around you. There are people who need your light and positivity. So let it shine on through and give a hand up to someone in need today.

What does this quote mean to you and how can you apply today’s message towards becoming more socially aware?

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